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The Essence of Storytelling and Cartooning in Presentations

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Well. The essence of story and cartoon is about a picture painted for your audience. Putting these two competencies together makes them most powerful delivery tool for information than any other forms of art.

Most public speakers are using stories to strengthen their presentations. A good story should have

  • Structure - a clear starting, continuation and ending.

  • Purpose - a message you're going to deliver - valuable insights.

  • Hero - a character who the audience relates to.

  • Resonance - trust should be increased - viewers connect with you and your story.

  • Journey - the audience is taken through ebb and flow, creating contrasts.

  • Content - words building verbal imagery - differing emotional impact is important.

  • Delivery - different tempo, rhythms, intonations, pauses and volumes.

You have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the copyright problem, it can be a minefield to find suitable visual material for presentations. You can avoid this by making your own cartoon, which makes it more personal and highly relevant to what you're going to talk about. You may say "Yes but I cannot draw’. But that's not true because everyone can draw. It's a skill that will grow with practice.

Cartooning will bring visual thinking into your presentation for a wider impact. It breathes new life into the way you're communicating. By using visual metaphors, it simplifies your message by getting to its essence. It turns an abstract idea into clear, memorable image. It also brings every important humour into your presentations.

If you learn how to draw cartoons, it will change the way you think too. Thinking like a cartoonist will get you down to the essence of the message. A message can be easily creared with cartooning using simple lines. Detail is not critical. Let the audience’s imagination fill the gaps.


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