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Cartooning is More Than Just a Hobby

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Have you ever found yourself doodling when you must be doing something important like managing people at the power plant? Maybe you always get caught for daydreaming when you must be focusing on taking notes in the class. You probably feel that you just do not fit in corporate India.

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If yes, it could be that you're meant to be a cartoonist.

Cartooning is a fantastic career choice for many reasons. The challenging part of the job is coming up with effective ideas. The one thing that will set you apart from other cartoonists is your perseverance. If stick to it, you'll soon see your good work in print.

Start Immediately

You do not have to study a long, costly course to start. You can begin by writing down every funny thing that has been running through your head for the past however-long-you-remember. Then look if there is a way to put them into a single cartoon. Remember, if you think it is funny, there are probably others who'll think so too. You will probably come up with a lot of stupid, unfunny guff. We all do. Everyday. But the more you do it, the more you will improve your skills and start to create quality humour.

You Do Not Have to be a World-Class Artist

Note that I have yet to mention drawing. That is because drawing isn't the most necessary skill a cartoonist should have. Developing an idea and writing a perfect caption is the most important. Drawing the first line on a blank page can be very hard. Sometimes, for weeks, an idea may buzz inside your head, but you cannot visualize it. However, once your drawing and the words get a shape and form in your mind, it's done.



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